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1. How windbreak wall work?
The steel windbreak, dust suppression system mechanism is directly related to the dust drift, diffusion and deposition of the bulk yard. A steel windbreak and dust suppression wall can control and improve the airflow field of the bulk yard...

2. Why snow fence should be set back some distance from the road or railway?
Travelers through the Rockies and much of the interior West will face blowing and drifting snow today. Danger to drivers will be reduced in areas where properly built and located snow fences are installed.

3. How a sand barrier work?
The mechanism of sand barrier is very similar to snow fence. So the sand barrier should also be set back some distance from the road, railway or building. The only difference is that snow will melt when the temperature goes up, but sand could not melt.

4. What's the benefit of wind barrier?
The steel windbreak, dust suppression system can effectively reduce loss of yard materials, minimizes wind damage to certain facilities and improve efficiency of the yard area. The steel windbreak and dust suppression net not only has...

5. Comparing other dust suppression method, what's the advantage of steel windbreak and dust suppression wall?
Dust suppression Index:Water Spray/Cover with wire netting/Confined stock yard/Silo/Steel windbreak wall/Chemical dust controller/Planting trees
Technology Procession:Easy/Easy/Comparatively complicated/Complicated/Easy/Easy/Easy

6. What information or basic data should be supplied before the design of wind/snow/sand barrier?
Natural conditions: It mainly includes temperature, precipitation, fog conditions, wind conditions, location, earthquakes, etc.
Yard conditions: It mainly includes the surrounding environment, yard size, geometric shape of the stockpile...

7. What materials are used for the fence panel?
Cold rolled steel coil, galvanized steel coil and Al-Zn galvanized steel coil can be used as the raw materials.

8. What's the steel panel look like?
According to the different net shapes, the windbreak and dust suppression net can be divided into single peak type, double peak type and triple peak type.

9. How the WalMax steel porous panel survive from rust?
High quality Al-Zn galvanized steel coil plus electrostatic powder spray painted finishing shall make the panels sustain extreme aggressive climate and survive from rust.

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