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Basic Information Required for Snow/Sand/Wind Fence Custom Design
1. Natural conditions
Including temperature, precipitation conditions, fog conditions, wind conditions, geological conditions, desired earthquake resistant levels and more

2. Storage yard situation
Including the surrounding environment, yard size, stockpile geometry, material type, material taken method.

3. Customers' requirement
Customer's demand of dust suppression rate, anti corrosion, flame retardancy, acid and alkali resistance, service life, etc.

With above basic information, Green Technology can supply the following designs for wind fence, sand fence, snow fence and dust control system projects
General layout design
Height design
Net design
Steel structure and foundation design

Construction Direction
Green Technology has a trained and experienced construction team. Our engineers can give practical directions concerning foundation construction, steel structure construction and steel fence panel installation. .

Scientific Analysis
We can carry out dust transport analysis and wind flow analysis based on computer studies and wind tunnel studies according to the requirement of customer.

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