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Snow Fence for Roadside

Blowing and drifting snow creates serious problems on highways, railways, etc. We have designed and manufactured many styles of snow fences to help minimize the amount of snowdrift on roadside and greenbelts. All our snow fences are customized according to the wind speed, wind pressure, geological conditions, climate conditions, etc. at your project site. Choose a style of snow control barrier below, or contact us directly for a customized snow barrier.

As shown below, this collection of snow fence is often installed beside the roads and greenbelts for snow drift control purpose. Typically composed of coated steel fence panels, galvanized steel structure and stainless steel connectors, the snow barrier can be customized as per clients' demands to suit varied application demands.

  • Two types: snow barriers for roads and greenbelts
  • Snow fence schematic diagram

Working Principle of Snow Fence
Resembling sand grains, some snow particles that are too heavy to be suspended in the air will roll or creep along the road surface, forming snow waves (resembling dunes). By installing snow fences beside the roads, the wind speed can be greatly reduced. This allows the creeping snow particles to come to rest. Some of these particles are deposited on the upwind side of the steel fencing because of the decreased wind speed. Most of the snow deposit occurs on the downwind side of the porous snow fence.

Benefits of Snow Fence
1. Reduce the cost for snow and ice removal
2. Make roads much safer
3. Snow stays off the road, which prevents damages to pavements caused by runoff and also avoids drainage blocking
4. Improve the living microenvironment

  • Information of Snow Fence Parts
    1. Steel fence panel or steel sheet

    Material: Al-Zn alloy coated steel panel or Al-Zn alloy coated steel sheet
    2. Steel structure
    Material: galvanize H-shaped steel
    3. Connectors
    Material: All the bolts, nuts and gaskets used in the project are stainless steel.

Note: The snow fence is customizable. If you need custom metal fencing for roadside snow drift control, please contact us today. We will offer you the optimized fencing solutions according to the wind speed, wind pressure, geological conditions, climate conditions, etc. at your project site.

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