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Wind Fence

  • Wind Fence (for Coal Dust Control)This wind fence system is a customized coal dust control solution for thermal power plants and coal storage yards. Its specifications are customized as per client-side demands.
  • Wind Fence (for Iron Ore Dust Control)The wind fence system is a custom designed metal fencing system for ore dust control purpose. It is a popular iron ore dust control system in steel plants and iron ore storage yards.
  • Wind Fence (for Highway)Along the highways, wind fence system plays important roles. It can serve as not only highway guardrail but also a wind break system to reduce vehicle dangers caused by crosswind. All our line of wind fence systems for highways are customized according to client-side actual conditions.
  • Wind Fence (for Railway)The wind fence system for railway is installed to reduce the influence of crosswind on trains. The windbreak fencing is customized according to the wind speed, wind pressure, geological conditions, climate conditions, etc. at your project site.
  • Tennis WindscreenThe tennis windscreen is a selection of custom metal fencing designed for improving the wind conditions of tennis courts and other styles of outdoor sports courts.
  • Wind Fence (for Wilderness)This page shows your our custom designed wind fence for installation in wilderness. By reducing the wind speed especially in winters, the windbreak wall effectively improves the microclimate for people working or living in the wild.
  • Wind Fence (for Thermal Power Plant)The wind fence is custom designed for use in thermal power plants. It can be used as windbreak wall for coal yards so as to prevent damages to power generation equipment caused by dust pollution.

GREEN Technology is an expert in wind fence design. As shown below, we have provided a series of windbreak fencing systems for wind reduction or dust control purposes in industries such as mining, agricultural, power generation, transportation, etc. All our wind fences are customized according to the wind speed, wind pressure, geological conditions, climate conditions, etc.

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