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Tennis Windscreen

GREEN Technology is an expert in wind fence design. As shown below, we have provided a series of windbreak fencing systems for wind reduction or dust control purposes in industries such as mining, agricultural, power generation, transportation, etc. All our wind fences are customized according to the wind speed, wind pressure, geological conditions, climate conditions, etc.

The tennis windscreen is a selection of custom metal fencing designed for improving the wind conditions of tennis courts and other styles of outdoor sports courts.

  • Steel windbreak panel

Why Tennis Windscreen?
Sometimes outdoor sports could not be carried out and outdoor game courts could not be used because of the wind. As a kind of wind break system, the tennis court windscreen can be set up alongside the sports court to solve this problem.

Installation of the tennis windscreen is easy: firstly bury the H beam into the ground, and then fasten the steel windbreak panels onto the H beam using stainless steel bolts and nuts.

Aperture ratio 30%-40%
Width: 250-300mm
Length: Max. 6m

Note: The tennis windscreen is customizable. If you need custom fencing solutions for Tennis courts, please contact us today. We will offer you the optimized solutions according to the wind speed, wind pressure, geological conditions, climate conditions, etc. at your project site.

  • Color of the panel can be customized so as to match the surrounding environment. Multi color collocation makes the tennis windbreak a beautiful scene.
  • Panel connectors are punched from the same steel as the panels, and also undergo the same surface treatment. The steel windbreak panels are connected together by the connectors along the long edge.
  • To ensure the stability and durability of the tennis windscreen system, stainless steel bolts and nuts are utilized to connect the windbreak panels and the steel structure, as well as the fixation of panel connectors.

How does the tennis court windscreen work?

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