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Wind Fence for Coal Dust Control

GREEN Technology is an expert in wind fence design. As shown below, we have provided a series of windbreak fencing systems for wind reduction or dust control purposes in industries such as mining, agricultural, power generation, transportation, etc. All our wind fences are customized according to the wind speed, wind pressure, geological conditions, climate conditions, etc.

General Overview
This wind fence system is a customized coal dust control solution for thermal power plants and coal storage yards. Its specifications are customized as per client-side demands.

  • Steel windbreak fence diagram
  • Part of the windbreak wall

The steel windbreak fencing consists of three parts: the foundation, steel structure and the steel windbreak panel. The steel structure is custom designed according to factors such as the coal pile height, wind load, desired earthquake resistance, etc. Each structural post for our coal pile wind fence is completed in factory. The steel windbreak panels are fastened on the structure by stainless bolts and nuts.

The steel wind barrier is typically built along the border of coal storage yard in proper positions.

  • Foundation of wind fence
  • Steel structure of wind fence
  • Steel windbreak panel

Aperture ratio 30%-40%
Width: 250-300mm
Length: Max. 6m

Note: The wind fence system for coal dust control is customizable. If you need custom fencing solutions for coal dust control, please contact us today. We will offer you the optimized solutions according to the wind speed, wind pressure, geological conditions, climate conditions, etc. at your project site.

  • Color of the metal fencing panel can be selected by the user so as to match the surrounding environment. Multi-color collocation makes the wind fence system a beautiful scene.
  • The fence connectors are punched from the same material as the fence panels, and also comes the same surface treatment. Two steel windbreak panels are connected together with panel connectors on the long edge.
  • All the bolts and nuts used in the wind break system are all fabricated from stainless steel. The wind fence panels are connected to the steel structure by bolts and nuts. The panel connector is also fastened by bolts and nuts.

How does the steel windbreak fence work to suppress coal dust?

Completed projects for coal dust suppression with steel windbreak fence

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