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Sand Fence

  • Sand Fence (for Road)Our sand fences, a collection of custom metal fencing, are able to reduce the capability of wind transportation and deposition by blocking the sand and deflecting the wind, thereby preventing the road from sand burial.
  • Sand Fence (for Railway)While acting as common railway fencing to protect human beings and animals, our steel sand fence can improve the traveling safety of trains by preventing railways from buried by sand.
  • Sand Fence (for Buildings)In desert areas, sand dust affect the lives of local residents. Sand grains may also enter into equipment sets, causing severe wears. Therefore, a proper set of sand fence system should be installed around the buildings to help control blowing sand.
  • Sand Fence (for Desert/Shoreline)Our sand fence system is mainly composed of three parts: the foundation, steel structure and the steel fence panels. The steel structure and fence panels are available with customized specifications. All structural posts are manufactured in our factory to ensure the best quality.

Similar to our snow fences, our sand fences are custom designed steel fences designed to reduce wind velocity and to trap blowing sand. Our line of sand fencing typically consists of perforated metal sheets, steel posts, and stainless steel fasteners. We welcome you to contact us for any style of sand fence design.

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