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Sand Fence for Road

Similar to our snow fences, our sand fences are custom designed steel fences designed to reduce wind velocity and to trap blowing sand. Our line of sand fencing typically consists of perforated metal sheets, steel posts, and stainless steel fasteners. We welcome you to contact us for any style of sand fence design.

  • Steel sand fence diagram
  • Part of the steel sand barrier
  • Steel fence panel for the sand barrier

How does the Sand Fence Work?
Sand fences are erected for sand drift control. When blowing sand encounters any kind of obstacles on the sand flow route, it will cause decreasing in wind speed which then results in reduced wind capacity in sand transportation. Thus, part of the sand carried by the wind will deposit in front of or behind of the obstacles, which means the effect of sand control is achieved. Our steel sand fences play the role of an obstacle.

For better sand drift control and desertification prevention effects, multiple groups of sand barriers can be used together.

Additionally, our sand fences can be used as windbreak fencing to help reduce wind speed, thus minimizing crosswind's effect on driving stability of vehicles at high speed conditions.

Why Install Sand Fences for Roads?
In sandy and windy areas, grains of sand are often carried by winds and collect on the road. Thus, the road is very likely to be buried by sand, which will affect the normal traffic or even cause traffic disruption.

Our sand fences, a collection of custom metal fencing, are able to reduce the capability of wind transportation and deposition by blocking the sand and deflecting the wind, thereby preventing the road from sand burial.

  • Sand fences are more necessary in desert areas where has poor natural conditions and often comes with strong winds and sands. Roads and highways along these areas are often suspended because these issues. Although people may have planted a large variety of trees, shrub and grass along the road where sand damage happens frequently, hoping that these plants can resist wind and reduce sand on highways. However, due to drought and water shortage, the survival rate of these plants is low and the cost is large. This makes our steel sand fences the best solution for roadside sand control in desert areas.

Aperture ratio 30%-40%
Width: 250-300mm
Length: Max. 6m

Note: The sand fence for roadside installation is customizable. If you need custom roadside fencing for roadside sand protection, please contact us today. We will offer you the optimized steel fencing solutions according to the wind speed, wind pressure, geological conditions, climate conditions, etc. at your project site.

  • Color of the fence panel can be selected by the user so as to match the surrounding environment. Multi color collocation makes the sand fence system a beautiful scene.
  • Panel connectors are punched from the same material as the fence panels and are also provided with the same surface treatment. Two steel fence panels are connected together with panel connectors on the long edge.
  • All the bolts and nuts used in our sand fence are made of stainless steel. Sand barrier fence panel is connected to the steel structure by bolts and nuts. The panel connector is also fastened by bolts and nuts.

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