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Sand Fence for Railway

Similar to our snow fences, our sand fences are custom designed steel fences designed to reduce wind velocity and to trap blowing sand. Our line of sand fencing typically consists of perforated metal sheets, steel posts, and stainless steel fasteners. We welcome you to contact us for any style of sand fence design.

  • Steel sand fence diagram
  • Part of the steel sand fence for railway

Field survey found that when the sand fence is 1.5m high and the aperture ratio is 40%, it can block half of the sand that falls on the windward side and the other half of the sand goes through the sand barrier and falls on the leeward side. Thus, the sand fencing is protected from collapsing, and wind speed is also reduced. Gradually and eventually, the sand stopped by the barrier system will form a dike which has significant effects in sand drift control.

In most cases, even if the sand fence was completely buried in the sand, it can still play a role in controlling the blowing sand in the subsequent long period of time.

  • Why Install Sand Fence for Railways?
    While acting as common railway fencing to protect human beings and animals, our steel sand fence can improve the traveling safety of trains by preventing railways from buried by sand.
    Steel sand barriers are especially necessary for railways going through desert areas where there is poor natural conditions. Some people may recommend planting trees, shrubs, etc. for sand drift control. But in dry, sandy and windy areas, the survival rate of plants is very low and the maintenance cost is also high due to drought and water shortage. Therefore, our steel sand fences are the optimum solution for railway sand control in sandy and dry areas.
  • Steel structure of sand fence
  • Steel fence panels

Aperture ratio 30%-40%
Width: 250-300mm
Length: Max. 6m

Note: The sand fence is customizable. If you need custom designed metal fencing for sand protection on railway, please contact us today. We will offer you the optimized solutions according to the wind speed, wind pressure, geological conditions, climate conditions, etc. at your project site.

  • Color of the steel fencing panel can be selected by the user so as to match the surrounding environment. Multi color collocation makes the sand fence system a beautiful scene.
  • Panel connectors are punched from the same material as the fence panels and they also undergo the same surface treatment. Two fence panels are connected together with panel connectors on the long edge.
  • Stainless steel bolts and nuts are utilized in our sand fence system, for securing the panel connectors as well as the connection between steel structure and fence panels.

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