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Portable Windbreak Fence

Portable Windbreak Fence

Due to vast experience in metal fencing fabrication, we can provide a great variety of screen walls and steel fences that are customized to meet client-side individual demands. We can meet any of your steel fencing demands, from perforated to solid steel fences. Click the following images to get more information about our screen wall and fence products, and we welcome you to contact us today to discuss the customization requirements.

1. The portable windbreak fence is one of our most popular styles of metal fencing. It features convenient transportation and installation, and can be arbitrarily assembled.
2. Proper aperture ratio make the wind break system has great effects in wind speed reduction and dust suppression. With great portability, it can be used as temporary fencing at construction sites to prevent construction dust from dispersion, thus improving the environment quality.
3. The portable windbreak fence can be used repeatedly.

Note: The windbreak fence is customizable as per your specific demands.

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